Thinking of a loft conversion but need some interior inspiration? Here are the key trends to take you through to 2019 ahead of the style curve.

Bohemian Attic

Lofts are the original boho space. Think laid-back California style – wooden flooring, patterned textiles and hipster artwork. If there’s one room in the house that gives you the freedom to embrace your inner hippie, the loft is it. Bohemian style is timeless, but update this classic look for 2019 with contemporary twists like exposed lightbulbs and swinging chairs. Display a retro record player and vinyl albums to create an eye-catching feature with a vintage 1970s look.


Monochrome is a big hitter in the style stakes, and it doesn’t appear to be going away any time soon. For 2019 it’s all about bold, dramatic contrasts. We love this elegant black feature wall and door! A lack of colour doesn’t have to be boring – keep your interior exciting by mixing up patterns and textures to create an effortlessly modern loft space.


You’ve heard the saying less is more; but when it comes to indoor foliage, forget it! Give your loft a burst of life – quite literally – by adding vibrant house plants. Not only do they look beautiful, the benefits of housing indoor plants include cleaning and oxygenating the air. Style-wise, the more unkempt the better. Hanging baskets of overgrown green leaves are particularly on trend, and look great against minimalist decor.

Countryside Retreat

With a space this cosy, you might want to hibernate in the loft all winter! Exposed beams and rustic woodwork create the basis for maximum snugness, especially when combined with thick carpets, fluffy blankets and heaps of pillows. Think countryside lodge – even in the hustle and bustle of the city. You may not have a roaring fire, but you’ll be so toasty in here you won’t even mind.

Freestanding Bathtubs

Ever thought about transforming your loft space into a luxurious extra bathroom? Striking freestanding bathtubs are a huge trend, and when added to a loft conversion can create the ultimate relaxation room. When utilised properly, lofts can provide escapism from the stresses of everyday life – just close the door, light a few candles and drift away. Alternatively, a bathtub could form the basis of a romantic hideaway suite for you and your partner.

Scandinavian Style

In Scandinavia, minimalism is key. This ethos works especially well in loft conversions as it creates the illusion of a bigger space, whilst a cluttered loft can feel cramped. Top tips for achieving the Scandinavian look are: neutral colour palettes, bright lighting, clever storage and clean lines. In short, take the idea of a dusty old loft and turn it completely on its head.